Legnoart Wine Keys

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4 in 1 Professional Corkscrew with Champagne pliers
High quality and long-lasting corkscrew. Once you try our set, you can’t do without it.

Gift Box
We have designed a BOOK packaging to emphasize food and wine culture behind the creation of our products. Surprise your loved ones with this high-quality gift that comes on an elegant presentation. The beauty of the gift box will enhance corkscrew presentation!

Double Lever
The double-hinged fulcrum of the corkscrew allows a very clean extraction of the cork, even the longer ones. This system offers a substantial mechanical advantage over old-style single-hinged corkscrews.

We have chosen great quality steel to create a highly reliable and sturdy tool, defined by unique elegance. Maximum ergonomics and elegance for true wine lovers.

Production and assembly are carried out on the basis of 190 steps. Every single component is carefully analyzed before being assembled. This detail makes it unique compared to other pocket-sized corkscrews.

The Blade of the capsule cutter knife is designed to perfectly follow the bottle’s neck. It features a very fine serration for a perfect capsule cut.

Integrated Champagne Pliers
Using this sparkling wine bottle opener is a breeze with its unique design. It offers a firm grip and smooth handling. It’s the easiest way to open Champagne and sparkling wines bottles.

Originality Wine Keys
Corkscrew exclusively by Legnoart! We have thought up, designed, created and constantly improved it for years, with great passion and love. Beware of fakes!

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