About us

In addition to creativity, it turned out at the beginning of 2014 that Kristof also had a love for Scandinavian design. He has since made clear what he understands by this in his design shop HAJP in Deinze.

Scandinavian design has stood for functionality for more than a century, captured in a pure, sleek line. The combination with light colors and warm materials makes the furniture, utensils and lighting very accessible. For people who love modern home furnishings but also for lovers of classic interiors. The fact that the prices, in comparison with say Italian design, have always remained democratic, is a very pleasant side effect. In recent decades, sustainability thinking and ecological concern has become a constant that we particularly value at HAJP.

So, contrary to what the store's name might suggest (HAJP is Swedish for "hype"), Scandinavian design is by no means a fad.

And neither is HAJP itself.