Fatboy® Flamastique XS Black

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Flamtastique is the oversized lookalike oil lamp for outdoor use. And its sister Flamtastique XS brings that campfire feeling indoors, to your table. We translated the classic oil lamp from the past into a super sleek new version. Flamtastique XS burns on lamp oil. Through the transparent part of the foot you can see how much oil is left in it. And the matte silicone coating makes your glass oil lamp extra strong. With the stubborn ear you always turn on a new piece of fuse. For endless fun evenings.

Product dimensions (LxWxH): Ø 10.5 x 22.5 cm.
Product dimensions:
Round wick: Ø 0.7 x 20 cm.
Contents (liters): 0.45.
Weight: 0.37 kg.
Width: Ø 10.5 cm.
Height: 22.5 cm.
Packaging: Ø 13 x 24.5 cm.
Product + packaging: 0.58 kg

Base: borosilicate glass and silicone cover.
Middle part: aluminum powder coating, tin and cotton wick.
Glass: borosilicate glass.

Dimmable: Steplessly dimmable
Designer: Fatboy.
Use: Indoor use only
Fuel included: No
Fuel: kerosene or paraffin-based oil (purified)
Fuel consumption: approx. 20 hours.
LFGB food grade certified: NEN-EN 14059:2002
Including fuse: Yes.

Clean regularly with a soft cloth, lukewarm water and neutral soap.
Do not use chemicals, steel wool or scouring pads to clean Flamtastique XS.

The less that is thrown away, the better. That's why we choose materials that can take a beating and last for years. Should the burner pot or glass cylinder of your Flamtastique XS break? Then you can simply purchase a new separate part. This way it will last even longer. Feels good, right?

Flamtastique XS is easy to take apart, which makes recycling a breeze.

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