Welcome to the world of Fatboy

Hello, we are Fatboy. For more than twenty years we have shown that things can be done differently. After all, life is already full enough with things that have to, or that are supposedly meant to be. So forget those rules. Because if you let go of how it should be, you will only see what is possible. And then you open a new world. A world where everyone is welcome. In which you choose your own path. And where imagination is the boss.

Design with a smile

At Fatboy we make our own versions of old acquaintances in your home and garden. We translate its essence into iconic designs with a twist - and full of ingenuity. Because with every detail we look for the fun in functionality. From the label on Edison the Petit to the buttons on the back of The BonBaron, everything has a function. And that takes months of designing, testing and improving. We do this with our own design team and designers with the same design vision as we do. Together we work on new classics of the highest quality. To enjoy for years - and to be happy for years to come.

To last for years and years (and years).

Our products only want one thing: grow old with you. That is why we opt for materials that can take a beating. Which are waterproof and do not discolour. Preferably recycled, or with a low impact on the environment. On which you can plop down and on which you don't mind if you mess a bit. We choose our producers carefully and follow the strictest rules for safety, health and the environment. This is how every Fatboy product is made in a good way. And we contribute to a healthy (and happier!) planet.

From the Netherlands all over the world

The Fatboy story begins in 2002 with an oversized bean bag. It soon became clear that the whole world would like to relax on this unexpected replacement for the chair. In houses, on terraces and at events, everywhere you saw people sitting and hanging on our products, with a big smile. And that's what we do it for. With Dutch sobriety and an international team, we make as many homes, gardens, offices and parties more cheerful as possible. With furniture, lamps, home accessories, garden furniture - and of course with the old, trusted bean bag. Lean back. And feel free. Life is your party.