Viva Hurricane Ocean

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The Italian designer Viviana Degrandi is behind the new VIVA hurricane, hence the name. VIVA is produced in glass in various beautiful colours, with inspiration from Italian glass art and nature; ’Amber’ a deep orange reminiscent of amber that has lain in the sea for thousands of years, ‘Lake green’ as the cool water of the forest lake, and ‘Smoke’ as the smoke from a recently extinguished bonfire. VIVA can be used both as outdoor and indoor lighting and has a simple and aesthetic expression, where colour and simple function takes centre stage. NOTE! The light source for VIVA hurricane is a 100% vegetable candle, which is sold separately.

NOTE! Vegetable candles are sold separately
Length: 10.5 cm
Height: 16.5 cm
Width: 10.5 cm
Designer: Viviana Degrandi
Colour: ocean

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