The Visitor Mini Anileira - cor33

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The Visitor collection by Cores Da Terra was designed by Guido Deleu (°1932) and came to life in 1996 as part of a design competition. The Visitor represents a sweet and friendly figure. The little guys are made by hand and consist of natural elements and color pigments. Slight color deviations and imperfections may occur, but this enhances the unique charm of these guys.

The Visitor Mini is 18.5 cm high.

The Visitor, which has since grown into an icon in the design world, is a design from 1996 by Belgian artist Guido Deleu. Later it was produced in ceramics in collaboration with artist Selma Calheira at the studio 'Cores da Terra' in Brazil. The basic techniques for making the different color pigments used by the craftsmen of 'Cores da Terra' are very authentic methods of Native American artists. We only work with natural materials such as plants or minerals from the environment.

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