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The Twohundreds is a gift box consisting of the 3 Boury Bottles (3 x 200 ml) which are closest to Boury's signature, namely the Japanese citrus in the Yuzu gin, the French celery in the Lavas gin and Balearic herbs in the Yakumi.

The Yuzu Gin lets you enjoy the refreshing and aromatic notes of the Japanese citrus fruit Yuzu. Because of its refined character, Yuzu is one of the seasonings in Boury's kitchen. Perfect to sharpen all taste buds for a delicious meal.

Style: citric
Ingredients: yuzu, lemon verbena, juniper

Perfect serve: lemon, yuzu, lemongrass, kaffir leaf, juniper, ginger

The use of lovage and fennel makes this gin a very special one. The start is the soft spiciness with hints of anise. The warm and almost unctuous character originates from the malt wine, which makes this gin exceptionally suitable as a conclusion to a beautiful meal.

Taste: spicy
Ingredients: lovage, fennel, lemon verbena, juniper, malt wine

Perfect serve: lovage, juniper, fennel, star anise


Yakumi, Japanese for spice, refers to the subtle Eastern influence in Tim Boury's kitchen. With its very complex aroma and flavor palette, this exceptional herbal liqueur can serve as the basis for a cocktail, be served on the rocks or be enjoyed neat.

Style: complex spicy
Ingredients: aniseed, fennel, vanilla, sage, tarragon, thyme, basil, bay leaf, rosemary, dill, mint, hops (cascade), chamomile, elderflower, cinnamon, liquorice, dandelion leaf, sea buckthorn forest, black currant, lemon, orange

Perfect serve: sage, cinnamon, kumquat, thyme

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