Suri White

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Crafted from ceramic, Darius and Suri are designed by Belgian artist Sofia Speybrouck. Sofia's inspiration for the creation of these sculptures lies in her love for cats. It's hard to miss the individuality of both cats: Darius is serene and calm, which contrasts with the boisterous character of his sister Suri. Despite these differences in character, both cats exude a typical elegance cats are known for thanks to the composition of lines, surfaces and perspectives, all in one single clay plate.

Made in Belgium.

Designer: Sofia Speybrouck

Product type: Sculpture
Material: Made of ceramic
Colors available: White
Dimensions: (L 14 x W 6 x H 17.5) cm
Packaging dimensions: (L 29.5 x W 21.5 x H 12) cm
Weight: 0.48 kg
Product care:
* Handle with care to avoid risk of damage or scratching the products.
* Clean with a soft, dry polishing cloth.
* This product is not suitable for children. Small and/or broken parts may present a risk of injury.

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