Spirited Union Panama Reserve Rum N°1 - 0,7L 41,3%Vol

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Spirited Union Panama Reserve Rum N°1 41.3° 0.7L is a premium rum with unique characteristics that distinguish it from other rums on the market. The distillation process and maturation of this rum sets it apart. The rum comes from a single origin in Panama and is aged for up to 8 years in tropical conditions. After the maturing process, the rum in Amsterdam gets a botanical vanilla cask finish, which adds a unique flavor profile to the final product. This process results in a rum that is smooth, complex and full of flavor.

The flavor profile and tasting notes of Spirited Union Panama Reserve Rum N°1 41.3° 0.7L are a testament to the unique distillation process and maturation. The rum has a natural golden hue, which is the result of 2 years of maturation in an American charred oak whiskey barrel. The aging process also gives the rum a hint of vanilla and complex notes of oak and whiskey. The botanical finish of vanilla barrels in Amsterdam adds a layer of sweetness and a subtle floral aroma to the rum's flavor profile. The resulting taste is smooth, with notes of caramel, vanilla and oak, making it a perfect sipping rum.

Spirited Union Panama Reserve Rum N°1 41.3° 0.7L is best enjoyed neat or with ice to fully appreciate the unique flavor profile. It can also be used in cocktails that require a premium rum with a complex flavor profile. The ideal combinations for this rum are dark chocolate, espresso and cigars, which complement the rich and full flavor of the rum. Spirited Union Botanical Rum, the company behind this premium rum, is a botanical rum distillery based in Amsterdam that offers a range of delicious and refreshing drinks. All in all, Spirited Union Panama Reserve Rum N°1 41.3° 0.7L is a must for rum connoisseurs who appreciate a premium rum with a unique flavor profile and a smooth aftertaste.

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