Small Bumble Pink

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Most smiles start with another smile. The classic Hoptimist is the epitome of smiles, optimism and good mood, and with its bright, happy colors and round, harmonious expressions, it spreads joy wherever it ends up. H 7.6 cm, D 5.8 cm

With a strong belief in the power of the smile, Gustav Ehrenreich created his happy Hoptimist movement in the late 1960s. The goal was to create a figure that was a perpetual reminder to remain positive and optimistic. Because although the 1960s are often referred to as "The Happy 60s", the decade was characterized by unrest. Therefore, Ehrenreich's design was a welcome spreader of joy in an otherwise turbulent time.
Bimble and Bumble represent the very first Hoptimists from the hand of the designer: A girl in a dress with smiling eyes and an alert boy with a slit on his head. The happy Hoptimists are today part of Danish design history and create joy around the world. The figures are available in four different sizes and in a wide selection of colours, which spread lots of fun, mood and joy.
There is guaranteed to be a Hoptimist for every occasion and every person.

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