Santa Bumble S Red

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Santa hats, Christmas beards, reindeer and snowmen. Joy, warmth and anticipation. Christmas is the festival of smiles, and our Christmas Hoptimists are sure to spread lots of smiles during the festive season. They are perfect as humorous Christmas decorations, but are also a great gift for the host or hostess and a nice Advent gift. Because joy is a gift! H 9.5 cm, D 5.9 cm

With a strong belief in the power of smiles, Gustav Ehrenreich created his cheerful Hoptimist movement in the late 1960s. The goal was to create a character that would serve as an everlasting reminder to stay positive and optimistic. Although the 1960s are often referred to as “The Happy 60s,” the decade was marked by unrest. Ehrenreich's design was therefore a welcome source of joy in an otherwise rather turbulent time.
Bimble and Bumble represent the very first Hoptimists from the designer's hand: a girl dressed for school with smiling eyes and an attentive boy with a splint on his head. The happy Hoptimists are now a part of Danish design history and bring joy all over the world. The figures are available in four different sizes and in a wide range of colors that spread lots of energy, good mood and joy.
There is guaranteed to be a Hoptimist for every occasion and for every person.

Material: ABS/Steel
Color: Red
Height 9.5 cm
Length 6.4 cm
Width 5.9cm

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