Reben Rhubarb Liqueur 0.7L

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We are Reben. Our story begun several years ago in a small village in the north of The Netherlands. Every time our whole family returned back home on New Year’s Eve; our mother made rhubarb liqueur using fresh rhubarb. This rhubarb was cultivated in our kitchen garden. Every year, the process starts in May. First the rhubarb plants were harvested, then the leaves were cut off and the stems washed. After transforming the freshly harvested rhubarb into a drink, the family recipe was created. Seven months later an ice-cold bottle of rhubarb liqueur was waiting to be enjoyed. To make sure we respect our roots, we only use locally produced rhubarb.

Being a young company, we seek to connect the ancient products rhubarb and vodka, and reshape it into our own original beverage: rhubarb liqueur. Read below how we started our exciting adventure and the drive behind our success.

During all these years, one principle stood up: craftsmanship. In our family, this word represents a few core values Reben stands for. The outstanding quality and authentic character our rhubarb liqueur has, are our foundation on which we can rely on. These core values are secured by picking the fresh rhubarb with our own hands. Our liqueur takes 100% of the colour and taste from the natural rhubarb. Natural products are known for their differences in flavour and colour, every rhubarb stem is unique. That is why each bottle is special in its own way.

bottle 0.7L | 27,5%
No artificial colouring and flavouring
Handpicked rhubarb
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Premium Dutch rhubarb liqueur. By solely using fresh and locally grown ingredients, we guarantee the authentic fresh, sweet, and sour rhubarb flavor in our liqueur. Serve ice cold or use it as a mixer in one of our cocktails.

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