Ray. Peeling Serum - 50ml

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Remove dead skin cells and get a clean and fresh look with Ray's peeling serum.

Provides firm and smooth skin thanks to 10% mandelic acid and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA)
Also suitable for acne-prone skin, at the first signs of aging or skin with hyperpigmentation.

Apply evenly to your face and neck every other day on clean, dry skin.

100/100 on Yuka

For a smooth and even face.
Removes dead skin cells
The fruit acid in the serum removes dead skin cells from your face. This will quickly shrink your pores, fade your wrinkles and give your skin its even, fresh color.

For firm and smooth skin
This natural serum contains 10% mandelic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that makes your skin firm and smooth. It was specially developed for acne-prone skin, aging skin or skin with hyperpigmentation.

100/100 on Yuka
The peeling serum gets a score of 100/100 on Yuka. All ingredients in this peeling serum are hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin and do not contain any hormone disrupting or irritating substances.

Ingredients your skin loves.
The most important ingredients.
Mandelic acid (10%) and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) ensure firm and smooth skin. Thanks to their peeling effect, they provide a clean and fresh appearance.

Healthy ingredients that work.
Many care products contain useless commercial ingredients. To reduce the risk of irritations or allergies, Ray only contains the necessary active or supporting ingredients.

list of all ingredients
mandelic acid
pentylene glycol
xanthan gum

More sustainable content in more sustainable packaging.
Packaging is obtained as much as possible from non-fossil sources such as recycled plastic, cardboard, glass or sugar cane.

Biodegradable content.
All ingredients in this product are biodegradable within 28 days, so you can also use them in nature!

Are you helping nature by recycling your packaging with PMD, glass or paper waste?

The most frequently asked questions about Ray's peeling serum
How often can I use the peeling serum?
You can use the serum as much as you want. How frequently you use it mainly depends on how many dead skin cells there are (which in turn depends on, for example, how much skin aging or sun damage). If your skin becomes dry at the corners of your mouth, it is best to stop for a while.
How do I use the peeling serum?
After cleansing your face with the Ray micellar water and the Ray face wash, apply a small amount to your face and let it work. Then use the Ray day and night cream. Avoid contact with your eyes and direct sunlight. It is therefore best to apply it in the evening.
What do I do with the packaging afterwards?
Recycle the box, lid and jar separately with the cardboard, PMD and glass waste.
How does a fruit acid serum like this work?
Fruit acids ensure that the "glue" that holds dead skin cells together is dissolved. When that happens, the skin sheds the dead skin cells. Although you won't see the dead skin cells disappear on the spot, you will soon notice that your skin feels softer and looks younger and more radiant. The skin will automatically produce new skin faster. So the turnover is faster. Collagen production is also stimulated.

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