Ray. Hand creme - 50ml

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Nourish, restore and protect your hands with Ray's hand cream.

Suitable for dry hands
Provides hydrated skin
Does not feel greasy
100/100 on Yuka

For cared for and nourished hands.
Restores and protects dry hands
Glycerin, shea butter and natural oils intensely hydrate and nourish your skin. This protects and strengthens the skin of your hands. Olive derivatives and the correct pH maintain your microbiome, the protective layer of your skin.

For elastic skin
The combination of shea butter, almond oil and olive oil keeps your skin elastic. They contain antioxidant vitamins and stimulate collagen production.

Absorbs quickly and does not stick
No sticky hands thanks to a natural combination of coconut and sugar derivatives that replaces silicone and feels dry on the skin. Your hands are nourished, protected and hydrated.

Ingredients your skin loves.
The most important ingredients.
Almond oil has a soothing and healing effect. In addition, shea butter has an anti-inflammatory effect and softens the skin. Glycerin maintains the hydration of your skin and olive oil is an antioxidant.

Healthy ingredients that work.
Many care products contain useless commercial ingredients. To reduce the risk of irritations or allergies, Ray only contains the necessary active or supporting ingredients.

list of all ingredients
cetearyl oleate
sorbitan olivate
sodium levulinate
sodium anisate
pentylene glycol
prunus amygdalus dulcis oil
olea europaea fruit oil
butyrospermum parkii butter
isoamyl laurate
isoamyl cocoate
xanthan gum
citric acid

More sustainable content in more sustainable packaging.
Packaging is obtained as much as possible from non-fossil sources such as recycled plastic, cardboard, glass or sugar cane.

Biodegradable content.
All ingredients in this product are biodegradable within 28 days, so you can also use them in nature!

Are you helping nature by recycling your packaging with PMD, glass or paper waste?

The most frequently asked questions about Ray's hand cream
Is Ray biodegradable, vegan and cruelty-free?
Yes, yes and yes! All our products are quickly biodegradable and can be used safely in nature without causing harm. In addition, our products are all vegan and never tested on animals.
What do I do with the packaging afterwards?
The tube is made of plastic. Because few traces of the hand cream remain on the packaging after use, it can easily be recycled again by putting it in the plastic waste.
How do I best use this hand cream?
Gently massage the cream into your hands. Your skin absorbs the cream immediately.
I have sensitive skin. Can I use this hand cream?
Yes, the ingredients have been formulated by our pharmacist Hilde Nys with an eye for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.
Are the perfumes hypoallergenic?
Yes, all our perfumes have been carefully selected by our pharmacist Hilde Nys based on their hypoallergenicity and avoidance of irritations.

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