Ray. Face Wash - 250ml

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Gently cleanse and hydrate your face without drying it out with Ray's face wash.

Thoroughly purifies your face
Gently removes make-up, dirt and sweat
Does not dry out
For optimal double cleansing, apply after Ray's micellar water.

Apply to wet skin and lather, then rinse thoroughly. Avoid contact with eyes.

93/100 on Yuka

For a cleansed and hydrated face.
Thoroughly cleanses your face
Our face wash contains coconut oil-based ingredients that easily remove make-up and impurities, including around the eyes.

Hydrates your skin
Glycerin hydrates your face. This face wash contains no sulfates or other irritating cleansing ingredients. This way you can clean your face gently.

93/100 on Yuka
The face wash gets a score of 93/100 on Yuka. All ingredients in this face wash are hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin and do not contain any hormone disrupting or irritating substances.

ingredients your skin loves.
The most important ingredients.
Coconut oil will remove makeup and impurities. Glycerine also ensures that the skin remains hydrated.

Healthy ingredients that work.
Many care products contain useless commercial ingredients. To reduce the risk of irritations or allergies, Ray only contains the necessary active or supporting ingredients.

list of all ingredients
cocamidopropyl betaine coconut
sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate coconut
sodium levulinate corn
sodium anisatefennel
lauryl glucoside fruits
sodium methyl oleoyl taurate
hydroxypropyltrimonium inulinchicory
coco glucoside chicory
perfume hypoallergenic
citric acidcitrus

More sustainable content in more sustainable packaging.
Packaging is obtained as much as possible from non-fossil sources such as recycled plastic, cardboard, glass or sugar cane.

Biodegradable content.
All ingredients in this product are biodegradable within 28 days, so you can also use them in nature!

Are you helping nature by recycling your packaging with PMD, glass or paper waste?

The most frequently asked questions about Ray's face wash
I have sensitive skin. Can I use this face wash?
Yes, the ingredients have been formulated by our pharmacist Hilde Nys with an eye for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.
How do I best use this face wash?
After using Ray's micellar water, apply a small amount of face wash to your face and massage gently with lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly and let your face dry without rubbing.
Are the perfumes hypoallergenic?
Yes, all our perfumes have been carefully selected by our pharmacist Hilde Nys based on their hypoallergenicity and avoidance of irritations.
What is the difference between face wash & micellar water?
A face wash is best used to deeply cleanse and hydrate your face, for example before going to sleep or applying a cream or serum. Using a face wash will also make the cream or serum work better! Micellar water is very easy to remove, for example, specific make-up, sweat or dirt from your face. After using micellar water, wash your face again with a foaming gel such as our face wash before going to sleep or applying a cream
What do I do with the packaging afterwards?
The bottle is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled again by putting it in the plastic waste. You can keep the pump for a next order!

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