Organische Onderzetter Marmer Wit - 4st

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These stylish marble coasters are not only functional, but also a perfect addition to your interior. Made from high-quality marble, our coasters provide a durable and sophisticated solution to protect your table tops from stains and scratches.

Each coaster is carefully crafted from real marble, making each piece unique with its own color variations and natural veins. The smooth finish and elegant design make these coasters a beautiful decorative element on your table. Whether you have a modern or classic style, our marble coasters add timeless beauty to any setting.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, our coasters also offer practical benefits. The marble material is heat resistant, making them perfect for placing hot cups, glasses or pots on your table. The non-slip bottom ensures that the coasters stay firmly in place, without the risk of sliding.

Our marble coasters are easy to clean and maintain. With a soft cloth and mild detergent, any stains or residue can be easily removed, allowing the coasters to retain their beautiful shine.

Add class to your table setting with our marble coasters. Discover our collection and find the perfect addition to your interior and table accessories.


Product: marble coasters organic white
Color type marble: Bianco Ibiza
Dimensions: 10x10x1cm
Includes anti-scratch felt
Please note: because we use a natural product, each product is unique and may differ from the photos

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