Monluc Vin Sauvage Blanc de blancs Brut

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This wild brut wine is made from the white grape varieties Ugni-Blanc and Gros Manseng and is produced using the Traditional Method, a method of fermentation in the bottle.
Tasting notes

The brut wild wine is lively in the mouth and has a subtle lemon flavour. Its bubbles are fine and pleasant.

Alcool 12% vol.

Tasting advice

Wild wine can be enjoyed on its own or in a cocktail, with a liqueur or a cream.

In particular, it goes perfectly well with the Pousse Rapière from Château Monluc, a liqueur made from Armagnac and orange. A 100% Gascon cocktail!

1 part Pousse Rapière
7 parts wild wine
1/2 slice of orange


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