Monluc Pousse Rapiere Orange & Armagnac 0,7L 20%Vol.

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The Pousse Rapière from Monluc is a liqueur made from bitter orange and Armagnac. This brew was first produced in the 1960s by winemaker René Lassus. He is considered the founder of this exclusive product. A recipe that is still kept secret and is owned by Château Monluc.

The sparkling wine from Château Monluc, which is also made from the same grape variety as Armagnac, Ugni Blanc, is the perfect match with the liqueur. This is made according to the Méthode traditionelle. And by using the same grape we maintain the identity of the 2 products in the cocktail.

The famous cocktail from Gascony based on Armagnac, orange and sparkling wine has a rich history.

The name of this drink was not chosen by chance, but refers to the rich history of the region. In the 16th century, soldiers from Gascony were very skilled with the Rapière. This is a very fine sword that was used in the war in Italy. This was a sword used to attack with the point forward. It was used by the troops of Charles V and thus became the ancestor of the musketeers' sword. This sword will also continue to appear on Monluc's labels and glasses.

With the glasses this will have a double meaning. First to the history, but also to the amount of Pousse Rapière and Vin Sauvage.

The Liqueur is poured in up to the tip of the sword. This is supplemented with the sparkling wine until the end of the sword. That is the right amount, it is equal to 1 part Pousse Rapière and 6 parts Vin Sauvage.

Tip: Finish your glass with a few strands of orange zest!

Contents 0.7 L
ABV 20%

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