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Flexible working methods already ensure some
years for a transformation in our
office environments. The work is not
longer limited to an assigned
office, but takes place on varying
locations - depending on whether the
task productive exchanges with
colleagues or quiet concentration. It
is therefore practical for employees to
always have their personal belongings with them
to have. Konstantin Grcic worked together
with Vitra to create a portable caddy
develop. In it you can take everything you need for your work tasks
- laptop, keyboard, papers, pens,
cables, hard drives, headphones, etc.
- and you can use it at the end of the day
easy storage.

The Locker Box has a simple
sturdy construction. Two side panels from
recycled plastic together
connected by means of aluminum pipes. The top tube serves as a handle.
A . is applied to the remaining five tubes
structure of fabric and panels with welded
seams hung around compartments
to shape.
The Locker Box is light and easy to put in
usage. It is a useful tool for
fl exible work routines, both on the
workplace as well as in the home office. It is
available in different colors and
can be quickly disassembled if necessary.

Side panels: Recycled polypropylene,
100% recyclable.
Tubes: aluminum.
Fabric: 100% Polyester.

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