Kala Yellow

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The Kala Yellow bracelet is finished with a beautiful, flat Topaz stone. This bracelet has a stainless steel chain and is adjustable in size, from very small to a medium sized wrist.

All Didyma jewelry is made from 316L stainless steel in combination with beautiful natural stone. We choose this material because it is very durable, light weight and hypo-allergenic. The colour will not fade over time if you treat it with care!

Topaz is a precious gemstone available in various colors like blue, yellow, orange, and pink, making it a popular choice for jewelry.

It symbolizes love, joy, and good luck, making it a meaningful gift for special occasions.

Topaz is believed to enhance clarity of thought, creativity, and confidence, inspiring its wearers and promoting a positive outlook on life.

The Greek word Kala translates to "good" or "beautiful" in English. It is an adjective used to describe something positive, pleasing, or of high quality. The word Kala is commonly used to express approval or admiration for various things, such as a beautiful scenery, a well-done job, or a positive outcome.

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