Girard Bird

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In the mid-1940s, experiments
lived the designer Alexander Girard with
a series of abstract glass sculptures,
foam rubber, corrugated board, driftwood,
plywood and solid wood - including a
bird figure made by hand from apple wood
has been cut. These sculptures were made in July
1945 presented in American
magazine Arts & Architecture.
Today, the original wooden
bird preserved by the Vitra Design
Museum as part of the Girard-
archive. In close collaboration with the
family Girard Vitra has this figure again
brought to life: although the bird characteristics
are kept to a minimum, isn't it?
the silhouette of the Girard Bird clear
recognizable. The archaic looking
figure, made of solid maple wood
from France, can stand on its legs or tail
to stand.
Together with his colleagues Charles and Ray
Eames and George Nelson was Alexander
Girard one of the leading
figures of post-war American
design. Girard mainly focused on
textile design, but it also becomes
renowned for his graphic work and his
furniture, exhibition and interior design

Material: solid maple wood (France).

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