Giftset Musk Jasmine

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A beautiful gift box filled with everything you need in the bathroom. The box has a beautiful colorful lid and a festive gold box. Available in the two favorite fragrance lines of the &C x JANZEN collection.

Like a dance of joy in a field of flowers. Musk, Jasmine & Joy transports you to a state of relaxation. A balance between body and mind. Quirky, liberating and calming. Softly sweet and at the same time so refreshing. Let yourself be transported to a world full of subtle fragrance notes of roses, citrus, jasmine, white sandalwood, musk and so many more joyful nuances. EnJOY!


Shower Foam - 200 ml
Body Lotion – 250 ml
Body Wash – 40 ml
Hand Wash - 40 ml

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