Eames House Bird Special Collection 2023

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Charles and Ray Eames enriched the collage-like interior of their home, the Eames House, with numerous objects and accessories that they brought back from their travels. A wooden bird has stood in the middle of the living room for more than seventy years, a piece that was apparently very appreciated by Charles and Ray, because they often used it as an accessory for their photos.

The dark green or light pink stained versions are part of the Eames Special Collection 2023 and are only available until the end of January 2024.

Brand: Vitra
Designer: Charles & Ray Eamus
Dimensions: H27.6 x W8.5 x L27.8cm
Body: solid alder, pink stained.
Legs: steel wire.
Origin of wood: alder wood (Alnus glutinosa) from Western Europe and/or Poland.

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