Duo Light Brown XS-S

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This Duo Light Brown bracelet is made entirely of high-quality Italian nappa leather, finished with stainless steel elements. The Italian leather is incredibly supple and soft.

Italian Nappa leather is known worldwide for its exceptional quality and luxurious appearance. “Nappa” refers to a specific type of soft leather made from the skins of lambs, goats or sheep. The softness is achieved through a careful tanning process and finishing, resulting in leather that is a pleasure to touch.

The tanning process for Italian Nappa leather is a crucial step in its production. Italian tanneries often use vegetable tanning or other environmentally friendly methods, which not only improves the quality of the leather but also reduces the environmental impact.

Italian luxury fashion houses and designers often use Italian Nappa leather in their creations.

XS 18 cm
S 19 cm

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