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Frama's natural pharmacy conditioner is made to naturally nourish and moisturize all hair types. The Conditioner features the collection's signature fragrance, highlighted by aromatic notes of sandalwood, cedar and ylang ylang. Enriched with active proteins and soothing essential oils, this lightweight conditioner is formulated for daily use and helps to both soften and detangle hair. Product details
- Made in Denmark
- 100% natural
- Unisex
- Combines well with Apothecary Conditioner

Materials / dimensions
- Glass bottle
- H17 cm x? 75 cm

Main Ingredients
- Ylang Ylang
- Sandalwood
- Cedar wood

How to use
After washing with Frama's Apothecary Shampoo, rinse the excess water from the hair. Apply conditioner to hair and leave in place, replenishing and softening active ingredients and essential oils. Rinse and dry gently with a towel.

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