Amber Crystal Light - Galaxy

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The Gingko Amber Crystal Ball Night Light Collection is designed to add a touch of magic and wonder to your space.

Let the light shine with our beautiful crystal lighting ball featuring a 3D laser-engraved design. This unique motif will spark joy and make any space come alive.

how about bringing the wonders of the galaxy into your home? The design promises to create an entrancing effect and make your home look truly special, featuring a laser-engraved motif that symbolises the stars and galaxies. The warm light creates an inviting atmosphere while incorporating interstellar magic into your home décor. Prepare to be mesmerised every time you see the crystal ball in action with its heavenly display.
Each design is set to bring a unique beauty to your home. What’s your pick?

No matter which design you choose, the Amber crystal ball will reflect light in a way that creates an enchanting atmosphere. You can switch between three light intensity levels by touching the copper button on the front of solid natural walnut wood base.

With a height of 12cm, the crystal ball pieces sit on natural walnut wood base to complement your interior design. You can switch between three light intensity levels by touching the copper button on the front of the solid natural wood base. The crystal is also polished to a shine that reflects light and creates a stunning effect in any room. The walnut base is fitted with a rechargeable battery that can keep your space illuminated with stunning light for up to 16 hours. The USB-C port in the back makes for easy charging.

NOTE: Please DO NOT leave this product in direct sun light.

Product material: FSC certified walnut wood base with premium non-fragile 3D laser printed crystal design
3 light temperature available
Battery life: 10 - 96 hours
LED colour temperature: 2900K~3100K
Power Output: 2.0 watts
Power input: DC5V 0.5A
Power source: 2000MAH Li-on 804050 rechargeable battery
Product size: 80mm Width x 95mm high or 3.15’’ diameter x 3.74’’ high
Product weight: 756g or 1.67lbs

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