POCKETS REST Organiser tray 3pcs set - Black/Brown

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THE PERFECT SOLUTION TO AN EVERYDAY NEED POCKETS’ REST Organiser Tray Set is a stylish and functional organiser for the contents of your pockets. Empty your pockets, while arranging the trays according to what you carry, leaving it organised and ready to go. No mess, no weight, no stress – what a relief! The trays are made of metal with inlays of genuine leather, ageing only beautifully over time. POCKETS’ REST Organiser Tray Set comes in mirrored silver with natural coloured leather, and in black with dark brown leather. Unit: 3 pcs. set Dimension: L 305 / W 305 / H 25 mm Colour: Black/Dark Brown Material: Tray: Steel, powder coated / Inlay: Leather, semi-aniline + waxed
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