Wonder Dragonfly 1pcs L - Brass

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WONDER Dragonfly is a delight in balance, elegance and lightness. Incredible detail, sublime design.
A Danish designer is fascinated by the delicate balance point of an Indonesian toy; a piece of local craftsmanship in wood is transformed into a unique design in steel.
It is our first product, and an excellent example of our brand concept: to be inspired by the world, and to interpret that impression into a Scandinavian expression. WORLD inspired à¢â‚¬â€œ HOME founded!

WONDER Dragonfly come in three sizes / heights and three colours: black mat, silver shiny and brass shiny. It is sold singly, and in sets of three in selected colour combinations.

Unit: 1 pc.
Dimension: L 193 x W 190 x H 280 mm
Colour: Brass
Material: Dragonfly: Stainless steel, plated / Stick: Walnut, lacquered / Base: Stainless steel, rubber paint coated
Designer: Torben Kragh Jà¸rgensen

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