Artikelnummer: PL-1003031701
Beschikbaarheid: Niet op voorraad
Levertijd: 3-4 weken

Designer: HULGER, Claire Norcross and Marie-Laure Giroux.
Afm: Lamp: B13,5 x 22,5H cm
Kabellengte: 2M

The Plumen 003 is a unique lamp design from Plumen. The 003 is a hybrid lamp that combines the functional benefits of a spotlight with the warm, flattering omnidirectional glow of candle light; it’s a new way to distribute light.

The 003 is designed to be a centrepiece that creates an atmosphere as the focal point of any interior; the jewelled facets sparkle and there’s a magical feel in the reflected light. It’s perfect to be hung over a dining table, bar or bedside cabinet and this energy efficient LED will last for 10,000 hours.

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