Wooden Utensil / Acasia - Spatula & Tasting Part

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Chefs all over the world know this: wood is good for cooking. It's strong, safe and soft. Wood can withstand extreme temperatures and will not scratch your beloved pans and pots. That's why we're bringing a collection of your all-time favorite utensils this spring. Spoons, skimmers and spatulas. Made from 100% solid and shiny Acacia. You will love them!

Stir everything without breaking
It can handle extreme temperature changes
Wood will slide and not scratch the surface of your cookware
It has a high heat tolerance, does not melt or deform
Hand wash, not in dishwasher.
In acacia wood
Wood has the looks and the touch!

Model & size:
Wooden spatula & tasting part; 33.5 x 7 cm

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