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Love is like butterflies in your tummy, fluttering around and making you feel like you’re floating on a pink cloud. Our Love Glitter Globe is just like that.

You can be so much in love that the butterflies in your tummy just won’t settle. Or you can nurture a deep love that has clocked up many years, and which perhaps could do with being shaken up a bit once in a while. Our beautiful Love Glitter Globe is for true love, in whatever format. It’s for the person you love the most.

Place it on a desktop, a bedside table or in the window. Shake it and let love’s little red hearts and silvery glitter fly around as a reminder of your great love for one another. A great present for Valentine’s Day – or as a loving thank-you for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

SIZE: Ø: 10 cm

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