Serum Ron de Panama Puente Centenario 0.7L 40%

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Serum Ron de Panama Puente Centenario is the topper in the segment. A rich aroma, beautifully rounded with an exceptional spread of flavors. The taste is round and full with a robust taste of fruit and the aftertaste is delicious, rich and dry. The sugar cane is chopped and crushed for the cane juice. Sērum Puente Centenario is distilled from freshly concentrated cane juice to produce a fine aroma of sugar cane and fruit. The "Puente Centenario" (Centennial Bridge) was opened in 2004 and reconnected South and Central America, separated in 1914 by the Panama Canal. Sērum Puente Centenario was distilled to celebrate the 90th anniversary of this important event. Here's to bridge gaps.

Country: Panama
Content: 70 cl
Alcohol percentage: 40%

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