Mini Bowl Ovo Verde

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"Mini Bowl Ovo" glass bowl by Regina Medeiros
Bowl Ovo - elegant glass bowls colored with mica minerals and gold components. Designed by Regina Medeiros, a Brazilian glass artist from Belo Horizonte. All of Regina's designs are handcrafted and colored with oxides and gold components. Due to the manual production method, slight color changes can occur, which make up the unique charm of handmade products. Regina Medeiros products are intended for indoor use only.

L 18,5 x W 11,5 x H 6 cm

Mini bowl ovo – handmade luxury glass bowls designed by Regina Medeiros, a Brazilian glass artist who produces exceptional glass objects using a signature manufacturing technique.

From ceramist to glass artist Regina Medeiros is a Brazilian glass artist based in Belo Horizonte. In 1988, she obtained a degree in Drawing and Plastic Arts at the Faculty of Plastic Arts, São Paulo, and in Artistic Education at São Paulo’s Faculty of Fine Arts Medeiros is a ceramist by training. Soon she encountered limitations which prompted her to start looking for a new, even more versatile medium to realise her designs. This is when she started to experiment with glass art and when a new chapter began in her artistic career.

Signature manufacturing technique
In 1998 Medeiros officially established her business and named it Keramos. Keramos is where exceptional glass objects are created using Regina Medeiros’ original manufacturing technique. First, Medeiros designs a masterpiece in ceramic, a simple shape that will later on serve as a mould for the glass to melt into. Secondly, a glass
plate is cut by hand into the right shape and adorned with mica minerals and gold components. After this step, the painted glass is melted in an oven, which allows it to adopt the shape of the masterpiece. Nowadays, at the head of production is Regina’s daughter Luciana, who has been in the business since she was fifteen years old.

Connected to nature
Endlessly drawing inspiration from wealthy Brazilian nature, Regina Medeiros creates mesmerising glass objects such as Folha de Bananeira, Amendoim, Quiabo, Ameba, Aroeira, Purunga, Tucum, Saboneteira orelha… Her most renowned design however is Mapa, which is reminiscent of the North American map.

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