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For the first time, Marcantonio and Seletti analyze the human element and not the animal one as in their previous works. Innerglow opens the doors to a new creative era and becomes a piece of domestic art. Each of the 999 pieces is numbered and has a certificate of authenticity.

we have number 56.


Design: Marcantonio

Material: Resin

Size: 47,6’‘x12,2’’x14,5’’ | cm 121x31X37

Our inner child is a part of us that we should not forget. We should acknowledge it and listen to it more often. We were all children and the energy and games of that time shaped our memories. Children are intuitive and have a shining purity, an endless curiosity. They believe in magic, they create it and live it every day. That light is wonderful, still free from structures, ambitions, disappointments, free to shine without filters. With Inner Glow I want to celebrate that light, that inner energy that makes our desires sparkle. It makes the little things and the secrets shine. The children are right, we have to listen to them!


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