Hoptimist Smiley Cool S Yellow

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The admiring glances can be so dazzling that you have to wear sunglasses. This smart Hoptimist has it all covered and with his easygoing demeanor he shows he knows he's totally cool. H 6.6cm, D 5.6cm

The so-called emojis or "smileys" are used to express moods and emotions when our own smile is not visible. In this way, the small symbol helps to emphasize what we are writing and feeling. With the happy face we share the good mood and positive vibes - just as the Hoptimist's playful leap spreads smiles from person to person.
With a strong belief in the power of smiles, Gustav Ehrenreich created his cheerful Hoptimists movement in the late 1960s. The goal was to create a character that would serve as an everlasting reminder to stay positive and optimistic. Because although the '60s are often referred to as "The Happy '60s," the decade was marked by unrest. Therefore, Ehrenreich's design was a welcome source of joy in an otherwise rather turbulent time.

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