Dag- en Nachtcréme - 50ml - Normale & Gemengde Huid

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Hydrates your face and ensures a radiant and healthy skin. 100/100 on Yuka

Radiant and healthy skin.
Hydrates your skin

A high dose of hyaluronic acid and glycerine intensely moisturize the skin. Natural oils keep the skin supple and elastic.

Restores and protects your face

Our day & night cream strengthens and restores the barrier function of your skin. Natural squalane and fatty acids act as antioxidants and protect the skin from damaging environmental factors.

100/100 on Yuka

The face cream gets a score of 100/100 on Yuka. All ingredients of this face cream are therefore hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin and do not contain hormone-disrupting or irritating substances.

ingredients your skin loves.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected by our pharmacist Hilde Nys to create a moisturizing and nourishing day cream and night cream that makes your face glow.

Healthy ingredients that work.

Many personal care products contain useless commercial ingredients. To reduce the risk of irritation, Ray contains only the necessary active or supporting ingredients.


  • aqua water
    caprylic/capric triglyceride vegetables
    arachidyl alcohol wheat
    arachidyl glucoside rapeseed
    behenyl alcohol corn
    prunus amygdalus dulcis oil almond nuts
    pentylene glycol sugar cane
    glycerin organic
    anhydroxylitol sugar
    squalane sugar cane
    xylitol sugar
    xylityl glucoside sugar
    heptyl undecylenate caster oil
    isoamyl laurate sugar beet, sweet corn, coconut
    sodium levulinate maize, inulin
    hyaluronic acid sugar
    xanthan gum sugar cane
    sodium aniseed anise
    perfume hypoallergenic
    tocopherol sunflower
    citric acid citrus
    helianthus annuus seed oil sunflower

What about the packaging? This bottle is made of recyclable glass.

Sustainable products deserve sustainable packaging. This jar is made of glass and is recyclable. The box is completely made of cardboard. Would you like to help reduce our footprint by sorting? Ray, but especially the planet, is grateful to you.

The most frequently asked questions about our day and night cream.

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about our day and night cream.

How do I best use this day and night cream?

After using Ray's micellar water, apply a small amount of face wash to your face and massage gently with lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly and let your face dry without rubbing.
Are the perfumes hypoallergenic?

Yes, all our perfumes are carefully selected by our pharmacist Hilde Nys for their hypoallergenicity and avoidance of irritation.
What is the difference between face wash & micellar water?

A face wash is best used to deeply cleanse and hydrate your face, for example before going to sleep or applying a cream or serum. By using a face wash, the cream or serum will also work better! Micellar water is very easy to remove, for example, specific make-up, sweat or dirt from your face. After using micellar water, it is best to wash your face with a foaming gel such as our face wash before going to sleep or applying a cream
What do I do with the packaging afterwards?

The bottle is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled again by putting it in the plastic waste. You can keep the pump for your next order!

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