Credo Gold Blue - 10mm - 62

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18k gold plated Titanium signet ring with Lapis Lazuli stone

The Credo Gold Blue ring consists of titanium and is finished with a custom blue Lapis Lazuli stone. This natural stone is also called the Stone of Wisdom and is mainly found in Afghanistan. It makes your head clearer, has a positive influence on the mood and stimulates your connection with other people.

Why did we choose titanium?
- It's as light as a feather
- It's super strong
- It is an exclusive material also used in racing cars, motorboats and aerospace

The ring has a comfortable fit and is very comfortable to wear. Due to the lightweight titanium, you can wear this ring day in and day out without any problems.

The name 'Credo' is derived from Latin and means 'to believe in something'. What do you firmly believe in? Take this ring with you on your farthest adventures and wear it carefree in everything you do. This ring is available in EU sizes 56 to 64.

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