Ceramic Container N°3, Dark Aubergine

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The hand-glazed Ceramic Containers (1952) are based on Alexander Girard's original turned wooden objects. The three original models are made of wood. Girard turned them by hand on a lathe in his workshop. Their silhouettes are reminiscent of the traditional shapes of apothecary jars, gambling tokens or hat moulds.

The original wooden objects are kept in the Girard archive of the Vitra Design Museum. Using these models as molds, Vitra developed the Ceramic Containers made of cast ceramic together with the Girard family. The hand-glazed pieces feature shades from Girard's rich color palette. They can be used to store all kinds of small items, keys, coins and so on. The natural material gives the Ceramic Containers an artisan flair.

Material: ceramic, glazed by hand.

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